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About This Course

What you’ll learn

  • Design Electrical and Control Panels.
  • You will learn everything about control components (Relay, Contactor, SSR, Latch Relay, Interlock …. etc)
  • You will learn everything about protection devices (MCB, MCCB, ELCB, RCCB, Fuse, phase sequence, GV2, GV3, overload, …etc)
  • Different between ELCB and RCCB.
  • You’ll learn different way to start AC 3-phase motors (DOL- Star/Delta – Soft starter – VFD) all of them in details.
  • Design the wiring of control circuits and how to terminate the wires in panels.
  • How to select every device for your projects in the right way.
  • Design full real projects from zero to hero.
  • Learn how to control and operate 3-phase motors.
  • you’ll learn how to read the data on the nameplate of the motor and export important data that you will need for.
  • How to calculate the actual value of starting current of induction motors.
  • How to calculate the rated current of induction motor if doesn’t exist on nameplate.
  • you’ll understand the difference between soft-start and VFD, and when you prefer one of them on the other.
  • you’ll learn about different types of timers and how to use & wire timers in your control circuits.
  • Understand digital sensors in detail and apply real projects for each sensor.
  • Design star-delta circuit and forward-reverse circuit from A to Z.
  • How to use and select sensors in control panels.
  • Different types of digital Sensors (Limit switch, Proximity sensors ” Inductive and Capacitive”, Level sensors, Flow Sensors, Photoelectric Proximity sensors)
  • Different between PNP and NPN and how to wire in control panels.
  • How to Convert PNP into NPN and Reverse.
  • Discuss star-delta in detail.
  • There is a practical video for real applications.
  • Design Full machine from A to Z (final project).

Learning Objectives

Hello, my friends in our course you will learn All steps to Make a Full Electrical Control Design for any Project, in our course we will discuss all the Basic components and Protection Devices in detail after that we'll make a Full Electrical Control Design for about 20 applications.
The course content is divided into 3-levels.
After studying for each level you have to pass the exam to be sure that you understand the previous section.
Level_1 || Electricity
- Electrical Basics.
- Introduction about the control system.
- Types of loads.
Level_1 || Control components in details
- Types of switches.
- Relay.
- Latch Relay.
- Contactor.
- Mechanical interlock.
- Solid State Relay.
- Solid state relay (SSR).
Level_1 || Projects on 1st level
- How to design and create your first control system.
- Applications for beginners (تطبيقات عمليه بالفيديو) .
- Level 1 Exam
Level_2 || Learn about 3-phase motors
- Different ways to start the motor.
- DOL, soft starter, Ac drive (inverter), star-delta.
- Motor Nameplate data.
- How to calculate rated current for the motor.
- How to calculate starting current.
- Reverse Direction of IM.
Level_2 || Projects on 2nd level
- Projects to apply on level 2 (تطبيقات عمليه بالفيديو).
- Level 2 Exam.
Level_3 || Protection Devices in details
- What is the reason for electrical faults.
- Protection Devices.
- Circuit Breaker.
- Fuse.
- GV2 & GV3.
- Overload.
- Over-under voltage.
- Phase sequence.
- Total protection.
Level_3 || Timers & star-delta starting & Digital sensors
- Timers.
- Star Delta starting.
- Star Delta timer.
- Digital sensors.
Level_3 || Projects on 3rd level & final project.
- Applications about timers and sensors (تطبيقات عمليه بالفيديو)
- Final Exam.


  • No experience needed.
  • Commitment in Assignments.
  • Passion and determination to learn be at its highest level.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who wants to learn and practice Classic control and different Automation controlling systems & designs from scratch to the advanced level
  • Automation systems designers
  • Electrical ,Controlling ,Electronics engineers
  • electrical technicians and Students of Engineering
  • Industrial , production, maintenance engineer


51 Lessons

Level One

Electrical Basics -part-1
Electrical Basics -part-2
control system and types of loads.
Types of switches
Relay Element
Mechanical Interlock
First step in designing the control circuits
How to control relay.
Level1 Applications on simulation part1
Relay Applications on level1
Contactor Applications on level1
Relay Applications on level1

Level Two

Level Three

Practical Projects

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Industrial Automation Engineer with excellent experience (4 years) in factory and process automation systems.

I have upgraded and programmed many machines and systems by using PLC, HMI and SCADA. I have strong background about communication protocols as Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, Profinet and OPC UA. I have an excellent experience with design wiring and layout of electrical panels.

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