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Mohamed Elbardiny
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Here in this diploma we will explain Motion control system,motion control system is any system that controls energy flow to generate mechanical motion with some desired properties

Briefly when you control the motor drive to control the motor so that you have a mechanical move this motion control system of course in some cases the system become more complicated so that we need to control many motor but the basic idea for motion control system is to control the motion of motor to have specified mechanical movement

– the system maybe open loop or closed loop

– the system maybe single axis (controlling each motor independently)

– the system maybe multi axes (we have one or masters and slaves)

the motion control system consist of :

1- controller like PLC

2- motor drive (inverter , dc drive , stepper drive ,servo drive)

here we will use sinamics S120 as the motor drive  which will get know every thing about

we will use two controllers as two modules:

1- s71500

2- simotion D

we will explain the single axis ,multi axis  , position control , speed control with every controller separately every module will take 20 hours so the total hours will be 42 hours

the software which we will use TIA portal v15.1 and TIA SCOUT v5.3

Learning Objectives

learn motion control system and how to design a system using plc s71500 and simotion D with sinamics s120
learn how to design a master axis and slave axis
camming and gearing
structutre text
Motion control chart
s71500 SCL


  • TIA portal v15.1 and TIAScout v5.3
  • knowing PLC basics

Target Audience

  • all level


2 Lessons40h

motion control system

what's mean by motion control system control system and its components open loop system closed loop system PID control
motion control system

Sinamics s120 part one

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i'm electrical engineer and PLC &SCADA programmer ,i've 13 years experience in automation designing
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Duration 40 hours
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