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20.3 hours

By the end of this course, you will be able …

What you'll learn
After finishing course :
you will be able to deal with all types of HMIs
HMI Siemens Tia Portal Basic, confort, wincc advanced, wincc professional
and connection with PLC
You will learn :
all Objects, Elements, Alarms, Administration, Schedule tasks, Trend and Global&SlideIn Screen
advanced objects: Face Plate, Recipe, PDF, Report and Styles
Wincc Advanced /// Wincc Professional

Classic control diploma

51 Lessons

What you’ll learn Design Electrical and Control Panels. You will …

What you'll learn
Hello, my friends in our course you will learn All steps to Make a Full Electrical Control Design for any Project, in our course we will discuss all the Basic components and Protection Devices in detail after that we'll make a Full Electrical Control Design for about 20 applications.
The course content is divided into 3-levels.
After studying for each level you have to pass the exam to be sure that you understand the previous section.
Level_1 || Electricity
- Electrical Basics.
- Introduction about the control system.
- Types of loads.
Level_1 || Control components in details
- Types of switches.
- Relay.
- Latch Relay.
- Contactor.
- Mechanical interlock.
- Solid State Relay.
- Solid state relay (SSR).
Level_1 || Projects on 1st level
- How to design and create your first control system.
- Applications for beginners (تطبيقات عمليه بالفيديو) .
- Level 1 Exam
Level_2 || Learn about 3-phase motors
- Different ways to start the motor.
- DOL, soft starter, Ac drive (inverter), star-delta.
- Motor Nameplate data.
- How to calculate rated current for the motor.
- How to calculate starting current.
- Reverse Direction of IM.
Level_2 || Projects on 2nd level
- Projects to apply on level 2 (تطبيقات عمليه بالفيديو).
- Level 2 Exam.
Level_3 || Protection Devices in details
- What is the reason for electrical faults.
- Protection Devices.
- Circuit Breaker.
- Fuse.
- GV2 & GV3.
- Overload.
- Over-under voltage.
- Phase sequence.
- Total protection.
Level_3 || Timers & star-delta starting & Digital sensors
- Timers.
- Star Delta starting.
- Star Delta timer.
- Digital sensors.
Level_3 || Projects on 3rd level & final project.
- Applications about timers and sensors (تطبيقات عمليه بالفيديو)
- Final Exam.

Motion Control System Diploma

2 Lessons
40 hours
All Levels

Here in this diploma we will explain Motion control system,motion …

What you'll learn
learn motion control system and how to design a system using plc s71500 and simotion D with sinamics s120
learn how to design a master axis and slave axis
camming and gearing
structutre text
Motion control chart
s71500 SCL